Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign for Maryland

The Maryland chapter of PNHP in collaboration with Healthcare-Now! of Maryland is starting a new campaign to push for a single-payer healthcare system in Maryland. We are taking inspiration from the successes of the Vermont Workers Center campaign for universal healthcare. They created a grassroots organizing strategy that is based on human rights principles. Vermont passed legislation in 2010 stating that the state would create a new healthcare system based on the following principles: Universality, Equity in Access, Equity in Financing, Transparency & Accountability and Participation. Their campaign is based on these principles and they analyzed everything including legislation on whether it fit the principles Inevitably, this leads to a single-payer, publicly financed health system.

Like Vermont, we have lobbied for a single-payer bill, the Maryland Health Security Act, for years without attracting the necessary votes to get it out of committee. What we have lacked is enough active, vocal public support. A human rights campaign will give us the grassroots support we need to persuade legislators. First, we have to build a strong campaign. As part of our effort, we intend to hire a full-time grassroots organizer. That persons job will be to build at the grassroots. We need your help to finance the position. It is estimated that we’ll need $50,000 per year, including salary, benefits, transportation, communications, etc. We already have office space donated to us. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to PNHP for the new Maryland Organizer.

Your contribution is tax deductible and is made through PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Program) which is a 501c3 organization under the IRS code. You will receive a letter of acknowledgment and thanks from PNHP for donating to the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign for Maryland.

If you want more detailed information about the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign for Maryland contact Eric Naumburg, M.D. 443-562-6562,

There are two ways to make a contribution for the study:

1. Check: make it out to PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Program) and mail it to PNHP c/o Dr. Eric Naumburg, 6163 Devon Drive, Columbia, MD 21044. Please specify Maryland Organizer in the memo line of your check.

2. Credit Card: donate securely online here.